Tower of Despair

7DRL 2013

Progress of the first day


After several hours of intensive coding, the basic framework for the game is done.

The player can move on a randomly generated map. There are some goblins wandering aimlessly. The player has a cone of sight that he/she turns in 90 degree increments.

Here is what the map looks like when the player is turning: (It looks a lot better in motion)



Tower of Despair Announcement

Life was peaceful in the Kingdom of Maqqr, until one day, a mysterious tower rose from the ground! Vile monsters started spreading out of it and the king offered huge reward for the one who could put an end to it.

Many adventurers ventured inside, but none returned…

In this roguelike you won’t be going down in a dungeon. Instead you must climb a huge and complex tower.

We (a team of three) hope to add as many realistic elements as we can, such as cone of sight for the player, equipment durability, and lots of other features. You won’t be seeing any numbers or stats in this game, almost everything will be described verbally.

Edit: We started working on this at 12:00 GTM+2 on March 9th.