Progress of the second day

by kalamakkara


Today we added

  • A message buffer that can show strings with different colors
  • Basic AI for the creatures
  • Boo scripting support

Here is an example Boo script that creates a new creature and adds it to the game:

import TowerOfDespair
import Microsoft.Xna.Framework

def XNAColor(col as Color):
    return array(int, (col.R, col.G, col.B))

def color(red as int, green as int, blue as int):
    return array(int, (red, green, blue))

def testFunction(item as string):
    print "Creating new creature..."
    c = Creature(char('B'), XNAColor(Color.Green), Position(5,5))
    Roguelike.Instance.MessageBuffer.Add("The new creature is at [{0},{1}]" % (c.Position.X, c.Position.Y))