Tower of Despair

7DRL 2013

Tower of Despair is done


Tower of Despair is finally done.


– Cone of view for the player
– Equipment durability
– Hunger, cursed equipment, lots of items
– Scripting system, you can make your own mods
– Everything is described verbally
– Other players’ dead phantoms can invade your game

Download links

If the game doesn’t work, you need to install OpenAL. The installer is included in the windows version.

Windows – Download (38 MB)
Windows no music – Download (2 MB)

Linux – Download (37 MB)

The linux version probably doesn’t work, I didn’t have time to test it. You need Mono to run the game on linux.


Progress of the seventh day

The game is pretty much finished now, we added lots of content to it today, and the game can be won now (in theory).

We tried making a linux port and ran into some technical problems. There is still a small chance of a working linux version.

We still have about 10 hours left, we’ll try to polish the game as much as we can.

Progress of the sixth day



Today we added lots of content for the game

  • Added two-handed weapons
  • Materials have color now
  • Added armor and shields
  • Added hunger and food
  • Added scrolls and potions
  • Player name asking
  • Dead characters are sent to an online graveyard
  • Phantoms of other players’ dead characters can invade your world

Progress of the fifth day


Today we got these done

  • Items can be cursed, blessed, sharp or dull
  • Combat is almost finished
  • Player inventory screen is done
  • Equipping items now works properly
  • Added materials for weapons and armor
  • Material affects item’s weight, damage and defence
  • Added lots of weapons


Items can now be examined more closely:


Progress of the fourth day



Today we worked on these

  • The player can move sideways
  • Walking backwards is slower
  • Started working on combat system
  • Agility affects movement speed
  • Endurance affects starting hit points
  • Natural health regeneration
  • Items can be picked up
  • Creatures drop items on death
  • Creatures and items can be defined in a Boo script
  • Items can be equipped
  • Armor provides a defensive bonus, weapons don’t do anything yet

Here is an image of the unfinished inventory screen


Progress of the third day


Today we added

  • Tower generator that generates the layout for each floor
  • The player can use stairs to move up or down in the tower
  • The player (and other creatures also) can fall from the tower
  • Everyone has hitpoints and can die
  • Start menu and player death screen

The higher tower levels don’t have outer walls yet, so you can see out of them.


Progress of the second day


Today we added

  • A message buffer that can show strings with different colors
  • Basic AI for the creatures
  • Boo scripting support

Here is an example Boo script that creates a new creature and adds it to the game:

import TowerOfDespair
import Microsoft.Xna.Framework

def XNAColor(col as Color):
    return array(int, (col.R, col.G, col.B))

def color(red as int, green as int, blue as int):
    return array(int, (red, green, blue))

def testFunction(item as string):
    print "Creating new creature..."
    c = Creature(char('B'), XNAColor(Color.Green), Position(5,5))
    Roguelike.Instance.MessageBuffer.Add("The new creature is at [{0},{1}]" % (c.Position.X, c.Position.Y))